My goal when working with a client is to help them create eye catching contents , which they will use for their social medias and website .
When you will send me an email about your project/s please follow the ( rules ) that will save both of us time ! 
1 : A brief introduction to who you are ( I want to know your story ) .
2 : What is the product/s or object/s to photograph ? 
3 : How many images per product/s do you want ? 
4 : If you already have a project in mind on how you want the product/s to be photographed please tell me about it so I can understand your needs ! 
If you don't have ideas don't worry it's fine we will find one together !
5 : ( optional ) How much is your budget ? The total cost of the shoot will depend on the number of images and the time spend working on it . 
If you have any additional questions/requests , include them in the mail !

Thank you!
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